Let’s talk pre-session consultations!  

These meet ups are so important to an ideal session. Pre-session consult is the first time you’re meeting me is not the location of your photo shoot. Everyone involved in the session is so much more comfortable once the camera comes out.

During the consult we will drink coffee, maybe eat muffins, talk about how perfect we’re going to make your session and all the little details that go into it. Consults can be anywhere from 20 minutes to let me know what you’re thinking or we could send two hours laughing and planning the most amazing styled session you could think of.

I think it’s super important for you all to pick your photographer not just based on their style but them as a person. I love getting to know my clients and when you become a little more personable, those photos will show everyone bit more of the emotion. It’s my job to make you comfortable and it’s my job to deliver the best possible photos that I can. You guys are not just here to get photos, you’re here for an experience. That experience should be the best one that it can be.

Some important topics that we go over during your consultation are 

1. The location of Your session. Everybody want something a little different and that’s perfectly fine with me. I strive to achieve that even if you have the same location as somebody else you’re photos will be so unique to you.

2. The time of day of your session. Do you prefer that cool morning lights were off and get some fog or mist or do you want to go for The warmth that comes with the evening sunset.

3. Who’s going to be in your session. Is it just you, like a senior shoot. Or is it the whole family even Aunts +uncles. And definitely some of the most important things are those engagements or your special day like your wedding.

4.I think one of the most important things we talk about is what you’re trying to achieve in your photos. Some families want the focus to be on their children. What others want to include their dogs and laugh and run around fields. And yet my favorites are those intimate couple sessions where we can get super moody and emotional and it’s so beautiful.

5. We get to know each other. 

I love my pre-session consultations. Sometimes they work out with scheduling and getting ready before your appointment and other times we do meet the same day at the location but no matter what we have tons of fun and we get the job done.

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