Winter sunrise

To be honest I have always hated morning light. It seems harsh and cold. I tend to edit warmth so I always clashed with this cool morning light. Since moving to Alaska, this morning light has pulled me out of my warm bed to explore the cool frosty mornings. 

The light peaks over the mountain creating this unbelievable glow. It’s like a wonderland of sparkles as the light reflects off the the frost. It brings so much life to the morning. I have even started venturing out alone just to capture that morning glow on my own. I guess I always seem to find the beauty in even the most frost bitten mornings.

So here’s the conclusion I have come to with for my clients, especially in Alaska. See the awesome thing about Alaska is that during the cool fall/winter months, the sun doesn’t rise until like 9 or even 10 am. I love the light so it is a frustrating wait,  but now to achieve those beautiful sunrise session that you used to have to wake up at 5 am just to start getting ready to meet at a location at  a 630 am sunrise, in Alaska, a sunrise session means getting up and ready at a normal decent time.  We can capture such a special moment not so early in the morning. Some of my recent sessions have been at 10am. Come join me for a frost filled morning. Make is a breakfast date for the family or a coffee date with a loved one before coming to join me in the beautiful Alaskan scenery!

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