Camping Under the Stars– #akphotocollab

In 2017 a fellow photographer, Donna Marie, started something amazing. It started with maybe 20 photographers out at Peter’s creek folf course all agreeing that it was community over competition and my this group has grown wonderfully! I praise Donna constantly on how amazing her Ideas of creating a group of creatives that will continually support each other and allow them to grow!

Since the first collaboration there have been 5 and this was my fourth in attendance and the first one I really took an idea and ran with it. I was so thankful for the support of fellow photographers to help keep candles lit and help me light a fire to shoot this session of camping under the stars.

When the idea popped into my head I immediately set out to find a couple that would rock this theme. Ashley reached out to me and said she planned to bring her boyfriend to this collaboration. Thank goodness because I wanted a couple with chemistry and sweetness and they were perfect. Sometimes it’s hard for a significant other to want to be there, but Trevor was awesome. He took direction so welll and you could tell how much he cared for Ashley to support her in this session.

As I waiting for Ashley to arrive, I of course found Gabby! Gabby and I have worked together at multiple collaborations and so it was easy for things to fall into place when I told her I had a plan. She quickly agreed and her boyfriend Dalton was glad to let his truck be apart of the session. The fire between Dalton and Gabby definitely captured a crowd!

What I love about each collaboration is that you get to try new things that are not the norm, like shooting at night or trying a new pose that could maybe look awesome or fail horribly. You get to test your creative limits without feeling like your going to disappoint yourself or a client! I get to practice solo portraits or the ring of fire. I always feel like I walked away with something amazing whether it’s a photograph, an amazing model, or a new photographer friend. Thank goodness for collaborations.

Thank you models! To see full gallery from the collaboration see the link below!

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