Southerland Lifestyle Newborn

I feel so behind on blogging. In fact I feel I am always playing catch up, but my priorities are my family, my job, and my clients, so blogging sometimes gets put on the back burner. I do my blogging for fun and to expand more for each session. I like t also blog the sessions that stand out in some way shape or form.

This particular session really stood out because this was one of the first woman when I moved to Alaska that I felt truly understood the photographer life. She is a wonderful photographer, and beautiful mother. Mckayla truly is blessed with a beautiful family and they are always pleasure to photograph.


From bump to birth, forever is this family growing beautifully. They braves the wind, the cold, and a home birth to bring home beautiful Zara, who I cannot wait to see grow into another beautiful human.


The reason I truly enjoy lifestyle sessions is because momma of a new baby gets to relax and be themselves. They don’t need a magazine ready home or to dress fancy, but they need a smile and to show a little love and the magic happens. Even big sisters enjoy themselves and get a little attention in front of the camera.

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