Mother’s Day

I debated when I sat down to blog tonight about blogging about weddings and bridal sessions and all the fun I have with elopements, but then I realized, more like it hit me, Sunday is Mother’s Day.

What does it even mean to be a mother? and I ask this because we all have different mothers and were all raised differently. My mother was amazing. She always tried her hardest to be her kindest even when raising four children, but I always know that she is kind and smart and always did everything she could to make sure her children were smiling and fulfilled. For me, she taught me patience as a mother myself and to always remember that no matter what enjoy the moment you are in.

I see moms everyday struggling because we often put everyone else above ourselves. You may be hungry, but your children are fed first and you second. You may be tired, but you still read that bedtime story or sing that last song and make sure your little is sound asleep before you are able to shut your eyes. You kiss their boo-boos, you clothe them, bathe them, change their diaper and watch them grow. You will play in the dirt and water and sand and paint just to make sure they are clean and everything else is clean again. As a mother you do the job of a village! They say is takes a village to raise a child, but sometimes it just takes a mother.

Just know that as a mother you are appreciated. You are looked up to by your littles, and your fellow mothers will always understand the struggle. Happy Mother’s Day!

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