Jade + Nathan

Over coffee at Starbucks, I met Jade and Nathan. They were ready to book a session to celebrate their marriage. It was a wonderful experience getting to know my clients just a little bit prior to meeting and shooting their anniversary session. Nathan was so supportive of every idea Jade and I came up with and had the sweetest smile when he would say, ” I just am here to make her happy.”

Their request consisted of I want to dress up and capture Alaska and I believe we achieve both capturing the beauty of Alaska, but also the beauty in Jade and Nathans marriage.

The day did not quite go as planned. Some events in the morning delayed our session back and I was quickly watching the tide charts for our location, as when the tide gets too high then we would be unable to reach certain rocks, but the tides were on our side and were staying relatively low most the day. We met in the parking lot and the weather decided a bit of sprinkles was going to join our session. At this point, nothing was stopping us from hiking out to our location.


I love finally reaching the official location and seeing the looks on my clients faces. It is one of the best experiences to see their faces light up from what Alaska has to offer and makes every delay, or cloudy weather, or hike worth it. Clients let their emotions go and really embrace the rest of the session knowing that they have trusted me this far to bring them to a beautiful location, with some possible rainy weather, and helped them to style their look to achieve the perfect session. Jade and Nathan were great at trusting me with every pose and each awkward joke. It was such a joy to see them really embrace each other and have the energy to bring to session.

Here is to many more years to come. Thank you Jade and Nathan.

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