Brett + Robin

“How long will I love you
As long as stars are above you
And longer if I can
How long will I need you
As long as the seasons need to
Follow their plan”

Elopements will forever have a place in my heart. I eloped at the age of 21 and have only one regret which is why did I not do something epic. I remember walking into the courthouse and saying “I do”. It was not but ordinary, but it was my ordinary at the time. Working with my amazing clients I get to truly experience an elopement as it should be. It should be free, true love, that pulls at your emotions and makes your heart flutter with anticipation that you are there with the one you love in the most amazing place sharing the most sacred and original vows with the one person you are going to always have an adventure with in life.

Elopements are the way to start your adventure in the most wild and free way. Brett and Robin did just that.  Emily, the amazing officiant from Wild Love Alaska, and I drove 2.5 hours just to pick up these beautiful people up from the train in Seward. They truly new how to start their wedding day.  It was sprinkling as they walked off the train. Robins dress flowed so elegantly and Brett was right by her side helping her through the crowd of onlookers. We all huddled into my tiny car and began to drive towards Exit Glacier.


The amazing thing that Emily does with her clients is helps them to have the most intimate of ceremonies, so about 10 minutes out from the glacier we pulled off onto the side of the road and onto rocky river bed where we were the only ones for miles. It was so amazing just being Brett and Robin together with no onlookers. They truly could be themselves.  They each had written their owns vows which brought me to tears.


I  believe I am truly a romantic at heart, and seeing Robin have a dream come true wedding where she literally was able to marry her knight in shining armor was the most romantic thing I have ever seen. It was like something from a fairytale. They were both all smiles the entire time and in complete awe struck of their own love and how they decided to allow the beauty of Alaska to be their backdrop for their amazing wedding!

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