Olivia + Nick

Sometime people change, but memories do not. When I first met Olivia and Nick and little Viv, was at the trail head to Arctic Valley, where we laughed and danced and literally changed everything I knew about my business and photography and created something so special, that I knew that this was the art I wanted to be creating. They showed my that we are capturing memories, not just taking photo.

A couple months ago, I put out for a model call for a so in love couple who still had their wedding attire, as if to do and I do Redo or give someone who didn’t get the pictures they expected in exchange for what they really wanted.

Olivia’s only request when she trusted me with this task, was get her husband in his uniform. She knew that these would be pictures that would last a lifetime. We did just that. We went out and we captured these memories of their family in that moment in the dress where she vowed to always stand by her husbands side, and now raise beautiful children together, and continue on every adventure together military or not.

Here is to so many more “I do” and “We do”

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