Mountain Minis

Wow! This summer is finally looking beautiful and I am so ready to capture some beauty in todays wild world! With all the chaos in the world today, let’s take a bit of time out of the day to slow down and go on a beautiful adventure. Let’s love one another and embrace one another.

I am thankful that my summer is still filled with some amazing weddings, elopements and family sessions, but that also means I only have a few dates left. In order to see as many of my favorite clients I have taken two of these days just for Mountain Minis.

The first date will be June 27th at Flat Top in Anchorage, Ak. with just a short trip up the mountain, this location will capture some of the most beautiful views. Hike around with your family or your Hunny. Cuddle. Laugh. Make memories.

The second date is August 8th at Summit Lake, Hatcher Pass. This location is always stunning with a little hint of fireweed. Truly in the mountains, capture the moodiness of Alaska and get away from reality for a bit.

I am so excited to get you all in front of my camera for my last few opening of Summer.

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