Finding thoughts in a cup of tea…

I am sitting here drinking a cup of tea and reflecting back on 2020 because I have to see what worked and what didn’t work. Now, I am not one for new year resolutions, but I am on for reflections. I ended 2020 with an amazing 10 days east coast during a pandemic. Honestly, traveling was never in the plans, and gave me so much anxiety but I am thankful for the experiences and memories made.

I grew up spending summers in Duck, North Carolina, so making it back there with my kids was amazing. It was quiet. it was beautiful. There is just something about ocean’s that make you feel like you are part of something big.

Not to get to emotional and all, but ocean’s are amazing. They give the world gifts everyday by leaving beautiful shells, and they shape the earth around them. The ocean is truly incredible and I hope to make it back there more often.

The reset from this trip was much needed. I feel like I have settled back home with a better mindset. After the dumpster fire of a year that 2020 was, I am manifesting all the good vibes for 2021. I have set goals and refined routines. Its going to be a good year.

For photography, I want to focus my intentions on family sessions and elopements. I want to adventure more and enjoy the outside. I want to watch my family clients grow and have so much fun. I want to see more people fall in love with not only each other, but also with Alaska. I don’t want my goals of 2021 to be financially driven or comparing myself to other success, but knowing that I am doing what I love.

For my School, I want learn more than I ever have before, I want to build up my knowledge and see myself progressing. I want experience new things even with remote learning. Who knows maybe, I will find out what kind of medicine I want to work in anyway.

For my Family, this one is probably the biggest, but to show more patience, understanding, and compassion will be huge for me. I am grateful for the constant support and memories we have made and I know this will only continue to get better in 2021. I will not lose myself in my work, but share my thoughts on work with my family.

Well as my tea gets cold and my thoughts make no sense, I will end this with beautiful photos of a place warmer than Alaska. 2020 was a crazy year, but 2021 can only be better.

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