Hey! I’m Lillie

This is me…My name is Lillie, the woman behind the camera and loving every second of it.

Photography has always been one of my passions. I originally obtained my Bachelors degree in Animal Science and Biology, but found that true happiness came for me when I was out hiking, adventuring, and capturing true love of a couple or family. And nearly everyday I am beyond thankful I took the leap into running my own business.

When you buy from a small business, you support a small family! Thank you to all my amazing clients that have supported me this year and continue to support me and my family

I hear from my clients that their photos tell a story, that good memories were made, and the beauty of our world frozen in time. I do it for YOU because I also want to do it for them. I want my children to look back through old photo album and have a memory awakened of the time they played in the waterfall and saw salmon leaping at their feet or their adventures to a glacier. I want my clients, no… my now friends… to see their photos years down the road and be filled with warmth and joy at their wedding in the mountains, or their family cuddling in a field watching a storm roll over. I do this because how else are we to freeze time in the best moments..

I will always continue to learn; be a student of academia, and a mother but the passion for photography will never fade and therefore I will be here, capturing those beautiful moments in time. 

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