Horne Winter Session

I haven’t had many family sessions in 2018. I have been focusing on really pushing my couples,wedding, and elopement work, but I always go back to families. Families are my comfort zone and I feel like for a few moments I belong to the family. One particular family that I have loved taking their beautiful photos was the Horne Family.

This family met me out on a rather freezing winter Sunday morning a North Fork, Eagle River. The sun did not want to appear for us, but the clouds made for a beautiful grey blanket in the sky. As I began to pose this family they naturally cuddles up for warmth. I remember being nervous at first to step onto the beautiful frozen river- keep in mind I am not native to Alaska, I am an east coast girl- but after seeing a ice skater speed by I decided it was our turn to dance on the ice.

At this point the children were getting cold and ready to bundle back up and head to the car, but I felt like we reached success with our monster dances on the ice and all the giggles.

In every family session I like to take time for Mom and Dad. All to often when you become a family with kids we just get grouped as a family and it is important to realize you are still a couple that started as just the two of you. Through your love, your family was made. This is why i love family sessions. Each one so unique and so much life and love.

Thank you Horne Family.

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