I feel like I always seem to jump on here and say something about how it has been so long since I have posted, so here it is. It has been some time. I finished out 2019 with some amazing sessions and realizing I spent nearly every weekend with amazing people. Many were couple preparing for their 2020 weddings.

When getting ready for an engagement session it is important to look into a couple different items. Most engagement sessions are between 1 and 2 hours which allows for two things. 1. You can get in multiple outfits 2. We could probably get in two locations.

Outfits are an important part of the session. What you choose to wear showcases your personality. Think of looking back at your photos 5 years from now thankful you wore jeans, a button up and boots during your winter engagement over a ball gown. or maybe you love dressing up, lets get you in a flowy gown that catches the wind and is the most romantic photo you have ever seen. Maybe you have a dressy side and a relaxed side… do both! We have time. What ever you choose to wear it should capture you as your normally are. You should be comfortable in the skin your in.

As for me when it comes to outfits, I will point you in the right direction of colors that match, or avoid too many patterns between you and your spouse. Avoid the bright neon colors and go for something more natural that way your eye will naturally draw to your face rather than your shirt when you view your photos. I will always be there to bounce ideas for outfits.

Now let’s talk locations. Once of my favorite questions is “Do you have a favorite place,” or “Where did you all first meet”. The locations that we choose for your engagement session will become special to you or maybe already has.The location should not just be chosen for its beauty, although this is important, but it should be a location that reminds you of your love. You love hiking together, then let’s hike mountain to your favorite spot, or maybe you love the water and kayaking down the river, let’s meet by the river bank and capture your love.

When you are ready to plan you all the specifics of your engagement session, Let’s do this together.

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